Aw man. Last night was heartbreaking. The Daddy got back from a 4-day business trip and when he held FSR, she just melted into tears. It wasn’t the back arching “get me away from this stranger” cry. She collapsed into him like “OMG DADDY I MISSED YOU!” Now he never wants to leave again. I don’t know how people can do long distance relationships and deployments with kids. So much respect. We can’t even do four days.

Having a doctor call and say, “Congratulations! You’re very pregnant!” makes everything feel much more real! Yeah, that’s right – he didn’t just say pregnant, he said VERY pregnant! What does it mean?!

I know for a fact based on the whole minimal bonin’ thing that I am at most, 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant. My hCG seems to say otherwise though – he said the number (over 7k) indicates something over 6 weeks?!

I texted my friend with the number and her response was “TWINS!” I will find out next Wednesday whether or not there’s a stowaway in there. For now, I’ll keep right on almost barfing and peeing a lot. Exciting, no?