I just got home from our growth ultrasound. I feel very smug after baby measured exactly to the day again. The first hospital I went to kept insisting I was wrong when I told them to go by a late ovulation date rather than LMP. So far, every single u/s has been dead-on my date! She’s in the 44% percentile now, estimated 2lbs 11oz, and the doctor said if she stays on track and I have her around 39-41 weeks, to expect 7-7.5lbs. For my vagina’s sake, I hope she’s right.

I have the most stubborn baby alive. Our half-hour anatomy scan today ended up taking a little over an hour because she decided to a) spin around every time the tech or doctor tried to get a good view of her heart and b) not uncross her ankles ever, so it appeared that she had no right foot.

The poor tech had to do part of the ultrasound with me laying on my side facing away from her to get half of the heart shots, never got the foot shots, and we’re still missing one thing on the heart. I might have to go to a pediatric cardiologist for a fetal echo if they don’t find what they’re looking for after going through the pictures. It could possibly mean a heart defect but we won’t know til they review the images. The doctor came in and found her foot, so at least there’s that.

It’ll be TWO WEEKS before we know if baby’s heart is ok or if we go for a fetal echo.

She is SO grounded when she comes out.

Feb. 16 update: I just got a very apologetic call from the doctor that did my second ultrasound. She said she reviewed the u/s tech’s images from the first ultrasound that day and found what she needed. The tech missed them because she was rushing to leave early. The doctor sounded super pissed and embarrassed!