Nonnie update!

If you read this entry, you may be wondering what’s up with Nonnie. I’m happy to report that her stubborn Italian-ness has pulled her through once again. This is the second time in about ten years that doctors have told us she’s on her deathbed, and the second time she has swiftly surpassed all expectations.

Nonnie was released to a rehab facility where she stayed for a little while to regain strength and undergo physical therapy. For awhile, we thought she may be there longterm. She ┬ámet and exceeded all of their goals for her though and was released around Christmas. Unfortunately she’s in a retirement home rather than her home, but that’s due to family drama rather than poor health. It seems that in difficult times, people really do show their true colors, but let’s leave that drama aside for now. The important thing is that Nonnie’s alive and well and pushing toward 100. We’ll all do our best to make sure that wherever she is, it feels like home.

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